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Industrial LED

Industrial LED Lamp

U.S LED Solutions LLC. offers the latest technology lighting for LED lights in the following categories:


  • Automatic Machine Tool LED
  • Manual Machine Tools LED
  • Spay Booths LED
  • Textile Machineries Lights
  • Pointing Systems
  • LED Lamps for Quality Control and Inspection
  • Work Benches/Industrial LED
  • Laser Aiming Systems
  • Paint booth LED Lighting
  • Task LED Lighting
  • Gooseneck LED Lamps
  • Explosion Proof LED Lights
  • Adjustable Lamp Lighting

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Grow Lights 'Lumigrow'

LED Grow Light

Growers are using smart LED grow lights to leverage modern lighting research and technology.


  • Leafy Greens
  • Vine Crops
  • Cannabis
  • Floriculture
  • Propagation
  • Breeding
  • Specialty Crops

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Commercial LED 'Wen'

Commercial LED WEN Lighting

Energy Systems Industry for Commercial LED Lamps and Fixtures


  • Lamps and Fixtures  / Flush Mount Fixtures
  • LED Pole lights / Flood Lights
  • LED Bulbs / Accessories / Corn Bulbs
  • LED Canopy / Wall Packs
  • LED Cooler Tubes / Integrated Tubes
  • LED Downlights  / Retrofit Kits
  • LED Panels
  • LED Highbay / Linear Highbay
  • LED Troffers

Commercial / Industrial Pointing Systems

LED Lasers and Pointers | Click Here for 2017 Brochure


Lazer poinyers
LED Laser Pointer LED Pointers Green Laser

The LASER pointers have been designed and built for the alignment and the positioning of materials on the machines as well as for infinite other use. The LED pointer does not emit harmful radiation and therefore do not belong to any risk class. It can therefore be used safely, where lasers can affect the physical integrity of the operator. Moreover it is not influenced by magnetic fields.


Green laser pointing system. The pointing system have been designed and built for the alignment and the positioning of materials for several applications. They can therefore be installed wherever maximum precision and productivity are needed on an industrial level. The new modified 2017 industrial pointing systems are now available.


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LED Industrial LED Specialist for all industries and applications

U.S. LED Solutions offers TOP quality LED lighting solutions that provides the latest technology with reliability for your machine and work area lighting needs. U.S. Led Solutions specializes in distributing the right product and the right solution to our clients with professionalism and excellence . We offer the latest technology for led machine lighting, CNC machine lighting, textile machine lighting, lasers and LED pointers as well. We specialize in  professional tool lights for commercial machine led lighting. Veteran Owned Business




Inspection Lighting

CNC/EDM Machines

Industrial LED

Automotive LED

Custom LED

Grow Canada LED

Assembly Line LED

Aerospace LED

Paint  Systems LED

Strip Lighting LED

Commercial Bar LED

Machine Tool LED

Residential / Strip LED

Grow LED

Commercial LED

Textile LED

Product Borchures:

Track Alpha LED

Pointer Systems (Laser)

T - City LED


Herio Nova LED

 Lighting system for CNC

 EDM machines

60.000 hours lifespan  Safe and Depenable

Resistant to lubricants &


Perfect for liquids in pressurized enclosures

Brightest series High degree of protection

Green laser pointer
Green laser pointer
The future of technical lighting Fill spaces with light
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Bright Light LED compact light LED
Waterproof LED light


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