Extra slim LED efficiency


Extra slim LED efficiency


Technical data

Technical data

The EXLIGHT series was created from the need to provide machine manufacturers with compact, linear LED lighting with a high light output. This led us to design a lamp that could provide a high-efficiency 6W multi-chip LED light within an extra slim structure with a high degree of protection, making it perfect for using in small spaces inside CNC or EDM machines. The IDS system (Integrated Driver System) allows direct connection in 24 Vdc without additional components. It is resistant to shock, vibration and mechanical particles. Available in 6, 12, 18 and 24W versions, build-in and external version.


  • LED lamp with extra slim structure design
  • I.D.S. technology for direct 24Vdc connection
  • Available with a side cable or M12 connector
  • 4 lengths available, either built-in or as an external attachment
  • Protection against reverse polarity
Extra slim LED Chart


                                                       EXLIGHT.6     EXLIGHT.12     EXLIGHT.18     EXLIGHT.24


Power supply          24Vdc 24Vdc 24Vdc 24Vdc

Watt                        6,0 W 12,0 W 18,0 W 24,0 W

Current                   0,70 A 0,70 A 1,40 A 1,40 A

IP                            IP67-68 IP67-68 IP67-68 IP67-68

LED type                 LED Multichip LED Multichip LED Multichip LED Multichip

Lifespan                  50000 h 50000 h 50000 h 50000 h

Beam                      720 lum - 120° 1440 lum - 120° 2160 lum - 120° 2880 lum - 120°

Color                       5000 K - CRI65 5000 K - CRI65 5000 K - CRI65 5000 K - CRI75

Structure                 Anodized aluminium Anodized aluminium Anodized aluminium Anodized aluminium

Glass                      4 mm tempered glass 4 mm tempered glass 4 mm tempered glass 4 mm tempered glass

Cable                      Neoprene Neoprene Neoprene Neoprene

Extra slim LED efficiency


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